7 comments on “Gear Report #1

  1. Your t105 server says 16gb. Is that correct? If so can you give some details. The link you posted says 8 max. I would like to upgrade also but yours is the first I have seen to say that it works.


  2. I notice you were reporting here using a Pixma MG6120. Have you updated to OS 10.9.5 and tried using the Pixma MG6120 with borderless printing? Have you noticed it no longer works with this OS? Have you perchance updated to a newer Canon? Any recommendations?

    Great set up!


    • I do and have used OS 10.9.5 and am now using OS 10.10.1. However I have not tried borderless printing. So it could very well not be working properly. For pictures I’ve found it to be cheaper to have them printed elsewhere, if in fact pictures are what you are referring to. To be honest I will be replacing this printer in early 2015. While it’s output is great and the scanner does a great job, any one of the ink cartridges is almost always out of ink. It makes no sense to buy replacement packs that have all the inks to reduce the ink cost a bit since I don’t end up replacing them all at once anyway. I’ve given up trying to get/keep them in any sort of sync and am tired of constantly replacing ink. It will be replaced with a multi-function laser. And thanks for the comment! The most current setup can be found here: https://unfinishedbitness.info/2014/12/07/gear-report-3/

      • Thanks for your reply.

        I am printing graphic design output — cards, calendars, and wall art. Much of my work requires a full bleed to print properly. So I must have border less which appears –by all accounts — to be defunct in 10.9.5.

        A recommendation to you RE ink. Use LD Products’ ink, not Canon’s. Its quality is excellent and the price is $5/tank if you order 3 or more of a color at a time, otherwise $6 each, I believe. Shipments are fast. I’ve had two faulty tanks out of thousands in a 4 yr period. And those were immediately replaced at no cost and with no questions.

        I’ll look forward to knowing your choice of a color laser.

      • Thanks, I will look into the ink if I defer the laser replacement. Sorry I couldn’t help more with the borderless printing.

      • I just bought the last two ink carts I will ever buy for this printer. When the next ones go, or sometime next month, I’m going to start finding a laser to replace it. Canon, Samsung, or Brother, not sure which.

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