4 comments on “Fixing DNS Rebind on DD-WRT

  1. Thanks. This fixed an issue I was having with my Fitbit Aria and DNSMASQ. I was able to narrow down it was DNSMASQ on my DD-WRT after changing DHCP servers (which changed dns servers) and it worked, and fiddling with the settings but couldn’t figure out what it didn’t like about dnsmasq. A fortunate google search for fitbit + dnsmasq hit your site talking about DNS Rebind! So it breaks Netflex according to you but also breaks fitbit scales. Nice.

    • Thanks! Glad it helped. That’s good information about the scale. I have a Withings scale (basically the same thing as the Aria) but had not run into the issue with it, presumably because I already had the rebind fix in place. For clarification, it breaks Netflix on iOS specifically.

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