4 comments on “Using DD-WRT to Serve Static Web Pages

  1. I am very happy you wrote up a couple of these articles. I was having some issues myself with getting DNS working so I could call my machines via their hostname rather than needing to know their ip addy’s. I was also happy to see you had a nice write up on using JFFS2 and even how to set it up and serve content from the router.

    One issue I had when setting this up is that DD-WRT would not run the ‘boot_set.sh’ file. I actually tried running this file from ‘Administration > Commands’ by clicking on ‘Run Commands’ and I received a ‘Permission Denied’ message. I ended up going back my ssh window and setting ‘chmod +x boot_set.sh’ and then rebooted the router. Everything started working as normal. Once I set the file as executable, all was good. You may want to add this into your step-by-step.

    I have one other issue as well. try as I might I can’t seem to get the IP Information to appear when editing the webpage to show the Static/Dynamic ip’s used on my network. I’ve double checked the code I’ve written versus what you offered and there’s no difference. I will go over this a bit more before I bug you again about ti.

    Anyway, nice write-up and hope to see you offer up some more ‘how-to’ articles.


    • Thanks for the comment. I see a lot of views of the DD-WRT posts. For the execution privs, that may vary by firmware version. This post was written a couple of years ago and may be slightly out of date with newer releases. Looking at the latest is something I need to do, but I no longer have a test router.

      For the names not showing up. The only ones that will populate automatically are the ones DD-WRT issues DHCP addresses for. The static ones are in a file you create /jffs/www/hosts. The boot script copies (builds) this file into one of the html files (hoststat.htm) in the web servers hosting location (/tmp/www) so that its available to serve.

      This post talks about serving the locl IPs via web: https://unfinishedbitness.info/2014/04/14/dd-wrt-web-server-for-viewing-all-network-ips/

  2. Hi and thanks for the post. I’m using now this built-in server which is working fine except one issue: SVG images cannot be accessed anonymously, so I have to log in every time. Unfortunately this is the root account, so I don’t want to give the password to somebody else. File permissions are the same for all files, so I suppose it’s the httpd configuration. Any chance to tune this here?

    • Sorry for the delayed repsonse. I havent used DD-WRT for a few years now. Maybe check the permissions on the files and ensure the web server user has read access. Beyond that I’m not sure.

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