5 comments on “Using ASUSWRT for Local DNS and DHCP

  1. Thanks, was able to configure local DNS using your guide. One thing that I had to do though was set the router’s domain name, wouldn’t work without it.

  2. Great article, thanks!
    The only additional thing I needed to do was adjust DNS-based filtering as I had AiProtection screening for malicious sites.
    Setting Global Filter Mode to Router resolved the conflicts with that.

  3. A bit of tinkering revealed that one does NOT have to change the devices from static to DHCP. On the LAN page at the bottom, manually assign them – select by name (assigned in popup window) and then assign host names. Then they resolve!

  4. Just an FYI – I played around with this, but found I got odd DNS behaviour (failed lookups for external addresses etc).

    I found this comment from Merlin (who maintains the firmware):

    “Asuswrt has the router run as a DNS proxy (that’s the short version of it). That field on the DHCP page will usually contain your router’s IP (that’s the default when it’s left empty), which means your clients will get your router’s IP as the DNS, and then the router performs all DNS lookups using the DNS obtained either from your ISP, or manually entered on the WAN page. Having this means that your router can easily act as a caching server for DNS queries for your whole LAN, which can improve performances.

    So if you wanted to use custom DNS servers, you would have to enter them on the WAN page, while leaving the DNS entry on the DHCP page untouched.”


    • I haven’t had any issues with the way I had it setup. I did remove the DNS from DHCP and found that everything still works as expected. So caching a plus.

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