4 comments on “Looking at LOGO

  1. fantastic coverage! ive been vaguely familiar with logo since the 80s, but find very few tutorials on the language past the simple graphics. i downloaded the largest book on the language i could find, and determined it to be entirely different from the simple graphics commands.

    that said, my own language is inspired in part by logos simplicity. i always wondered if it was possible to take the minimal syntax of logo and combine it with the robust functionality of basic. i think its easier than logo. to set a variable:

    x “hello world”

    want it to be upper case? here: x “hello world” ucase print

    my favorite versions of logo are the ones with the least to learn in terms of syntax. todays languages are really fantastic, but a few too many parentheses in my opinion. at least make a few of them optional. 🙂

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