My primary focus here will be the further exploration of technology from days past with special interest given to Atari 8 bit home computers and Atari video game consoles.

I will also try to help with recent technologies that should be easy, but aren’t.  This will be limited to areas that I have a direct need or interest to overcome.

If your a vintage computing or gaming enthusiast stick around, maybe you’ll learn something or have fun recalling similar memories, or maybe you can help me. 🙂

If you like this, you might also like my Podcast: http://inverseatascii.info.  A podcast dedicated to Atari 8 bit productivity.

Thanks for visiting!

2 comments on “About

  1. My Xmarks appears to be poisoned – loads of dupes and “empty” links – maybe I have my iCloud turned on and inadvertently trashed my Xmarks….. Contemplating starting from scratch with Xmarks again or maybe using Delicious.. or perhaps trying freshly to use iCloud. Any suggestions at of Feb. 2014?! Thanks for the prior articles.

    • I have seen that once before. I resolved it by turning iCloud off, turning Xmarks off, ensuring no devices were connected to those services, then cleaning up the bookmarks in my main browser (Safari). I also cleared everything from Xmarks web site. Then I reenabled iCloud across devices first, making sure to open Safari on each one. And last turning on Xmarks on the source computer first, then on the other computers last. Sometimes I would see them out of sync which turned out to be the Xmarks plug not syncing for whatever reason, but a manual sync resolved it. You might try that first, then the aforementioned fix. Its been a couple of years since I dealt with that and the software may have changed since then, so your mileage may vary.

      FWIW, I no longer have a need to synchronize bookmarks to non Apple devices or browsers so I no longer use Xmarks.

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