10 comments on “Enabling JFFS on DD-WRT

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  2. Too bad not all versions of dd-wrt come with JFFS installed – mine for the DIR-632 does not 😦

  3. Having JFFS operational is not a requirement for local DNS to work. If you have NVRAM enabled for DNS, that can work sufficiently as well.

    • It is if you are supplementing the DHCP assigned addresses with a list of static ones, as I am doing.

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  6. When logging in with SSH and cd /jffs, I have read only filesystem errors when trying to create the directories as per the instructions.
    I tried to chmod 777 /jffs, but I have the same error coming up.
    How do you go from there?

    • Check or repeat steps 6 through 10. They MUST be done in order. You may want to disable JFFS, save, apply, and reboot and start over. Ensure you are at the root / directory before trying to chmod the jffs directory. I didn’t have to change its permissions. Its possible your also using a newer build than I did.

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