2 comments on “Password Management for non Elephants

  1. Hi,

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t feel safe with SafeWallet…

    While are HQ is in Tel-Aviv are servers are in the US using AWS..
    Which so many companies use.
    In fact Israeli is well known for security experts and security abilities due to the military service in top secret intelligence units. We have a few people here that worked in such units including some of our founders!

    We made the move since we could offer users much more:
    – Faster and more secure sync.
    – Lots of new features in our pipeline (such as the form filler, saving pictures and much more, remote demolition, better revision support, revoke devices and much more).
    – All information is still encrypted locally, we cannot access your data even if we want.
    – 95% of users issues were due to dropbox sync, as you could not support changes on multiple devices simultaneously.
    – You data is still your data, it is saved on your device and your can open your account even without a data connection.
    – Redesigned a re-engineered the plugins and mobile app.

    And the new version is now 100% free!
    I do respect your decisions as it’s your prerogative, I just wanted to give you the full pictures, so you’d understand why and get all the information.


    • I understand. I do trust AWS as many people and companies do. I did state the move was just not something I was not comfortable with. I never had any issues with SafeWallet sync since I’m the only one that has access and I’m not making changes to the same record on two or more devices as once. Why not give users the choice of what they want to use? Free may work for a lot of people, but I think good products are worth the price of admission. It’s going to be hard to separate yourselves from all the other freebies out there that provide no real protection. Hopefully SafeWallets new direction will be fruitful. All the best!

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